Menu. Sebec Lake weather. Other Webcams Air Quality. Site Design by Alex HughesAlex Hughes Chalet Moosehead. Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby; Black Fly Festival; Sebec 4th of July; Color Milo The lake covers much of the western half of Lake View Plantation.Tributaries drain Orson Bog, Norton Pond, and Jaquith Pond in eastern Brownville. Schoodic Lake Brownville, Lake View Plt, T4 R9 NWP, Piscataquis, Maine MIDAS 0956 Historical Sketch of Lake View, Maine, 1911 Dated: September 27, 1911 (author unknown) The location of the Lake View Mills and settlement was determined largely by the stand of timber which Merrick Thread Company was, at that time, seeking for the manufacture of spools. Sebec Lake - Boat launch. More cameras: Bar Harbor, Moosehead Lake, Mt Katahdin, Kennebunkport, Portsmouth, Boston. StarCam. Click here to view our webcams. Moosehead Lake The Birches. Contact Us | © 2017 Schoodic Lake Association, Inc. All rights reserved. Schoodic Lake, Maine. Moosehead Lake Webcam - Greenville & Rockwood Maine Webcams - Live updates of weather conditions, wave height, ice formation and cloud cover. Moosehead StarCam from Wilsons. Moose River from Moosehead Sled. Upcoming Events; Annual Events. Borestone and Barren. Marina. For a view looking toward Schoodic Mountain, check out our Air Quality webcam. Jackman, ME. This page was designed to show people what you are looking at on our webcams. Mt Katahdin StarCam from NEOC. Schoodic Lake Lakeview & Brownville Maine. Schoodic Lake Schoodic Lake is a deep Maine lake with a small drainage basin. 3,134 were here. View Photos » Webcams. Lake Temperature. Mt Kineo from Rockwood Cottages. News. Mt Kineo from Misty Morning Cottages. from Sebec Lake, Maine USA Weather Page. Schoodic Lake real estate is considered a top twenty market for lake homes and lake lots in Maine. Schoodic Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $325,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices. Click here to view our webcams. Brought to you by: Trask Insurance Lower Sebec River, Milo Cameras installed by: ProTech Solutions Trask Insurance, Milo Trafton's Falls, Milo Veterans Memorial Park, Milo Lower Main Street, Milo Upper Main Street, Milo Milo Public Library Park Click any webcam image to open that camera's page. Weather. Beaver Cove Marina. For a regularly updated view of Acadia, check out these images from CAMNET. Moosehead Webcams. Sebec Lake Webcam. Moosehead Lake from Blair Hill Inn. StarCam. Moosehead Lake from Wilsons. Welcome to the Schoodic Lake Association! Check out photos of Schoodic Lake. Frenchman Bay Camera. Sunrise to Sunset - from Doretta's cam at In Memoriam; News Archive; Calendar.