How does Moduleo vinyl plank rate? We bought U.S. Floors Coretec plus for our home and found approximately 50% of the product was defective. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. Does anyone how this flooring holds up? I even took an extra piece and tried to scuff or scratch it and it took a lot of effort. I read on another site that Smartcore is junk. Cali Bamboo have had the vinyl plus flooring with a cork backing for some time now, but the Vinyl Pro is now their top LVP product. Home Decorators was similar to Traffic Master. Would appreciate any advice. SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. Forget it – many of the pieces have broken interlock tabs causing you to have to use it for an end piece – IF you catch it before you install it. Bought this LifeProof product, figuring it to be an upgrade in quality as well as price, easy to install, softer and warmer on the feet than ceramic, said to be waterproof. What about this vinyl plank product in seasonal homes where temperatures are very cold…ie Minnesota and -30 F? If you find an LVP you like with a foam backing (one type is called IXPE) I would go for it. Do you have any install pictures of different colors? i will never install anything directly on the cement without putting Red Guard (Home Depot) on, just not worth the loss of money it cost us todo the job twice. We have a review covering Eternity’s Luxury WPC flooring coming soon. It tells me to get my samples and test the samples. All seems to point to a very solid make up (WPC core density of 850, 20 mills wear layer and a specialized under layer they use which apparently most other LVP manufacturers don’t use). Our team strongly believes having a retailer who also can install the product is key. Its waterproof construction, coupled with leading hardwood designs, make it an ideal option for any room. I see at least 20 mil wear is recommended, but honestly 20 is as high as I’ve seen in all of the stores I’ve been to. We have two active Australian Shepherds who have ruined the finish on our engineered hardwood floors. I’ve had a so-called Mohawk rep come out and measure, take pictures, etc. ft. Envee Rigid Core: 6mm: $3.69/sq. Do you recall mm thickness? Or choose door number two: hire a pro and let them handle it. Work in rows and press the vinyl firmly into place. If this is normal, there’s no way I would of went with it. Some locking products are constructed with a cork or acoustic foam underpad, however. I had Costco come out and quote my floor. My retailer/installer told me yesterday, that they had never had anyone complain about noisy floors. For the ultimate in comfort, treat yourself to planks that feature added layers of padding. Lifetime residential warranty, thick 8mm planks, low VOC, high quality underlayment + foam core, very scratch & wear resistant, comfortable to walk on, 100% waterproof, easy click-lock system. Even the most expensive Tranquility is still half the price of Shaw and Armstrong luxury vinyl plank products. – Warms up quickly when compared to tile or hardwood Please advise if you have any knowledge of this product. Has anyone used an eagle creek product? Reviews? Straight out of the boxes some of the tiles actually had gouges in the backing due to manufacturing defeat which Shaw will not admit. I was looking at waterproof Eternity Flooring . Karndean tends to stay close to classic looks like lush oaks and maples, all in planks that are 4 1/2 mm thicknesses or more, with 20 mil wear layers. We just installed all over our house except bedrooms and bathrooms. Grande COREtec is the Premium version, a more robust plank in every way, a thicker core, and more abundant underlayment padding; even the wear layer is 150% thicker than the other offerings: all to create a softer, warmer, and quieter floor. Mannington Adura Max Prime, Tarkett Progen both can be put in a 3 season room. I wish I would have known, I never would have bought this floor for a kitchen. Great job. bedroom. What color? I received compliments by everyone and neighbors requested information for their homes. Here is the only information I can get off the orange and white box the contractor left me after the job. Remember that this is the overall thickness of the plank, which is separate from the wear layer. (Sprucing it up for resale and hope to enjoy a few years with the improvements!) To help you, Floor Critics has a large partner network that we trust. As for doing a whole house, I would never do it. 1. The planks are made with a rigid-core construction and feature layers that absorb noise and shock. We are also looking at these two brands which one did you decide to go with? For Vinyl what do you think about Parkay Laguana Vinyl? Did you go with this product? Was having a hard time trying to find temperature guidelines. Did you go with Moda or Uptown Chic? Is your flooring safe? Between the kids and dogs, I want to put it in my whole house. What’s your take on Sono flooring from Inhaus? ft. .Please give me the pros vs cons. How to Compare Vinyl Plank Flooring. Vinyl plank generally ranges in cost from $3.00 to $7.00 per square foot for product cost and $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot for installation is a good estimate, though be wary of anything costing less than $3.00 per square foot. But, if your flooring looks dated or distressed, you’ll have to tear it out and start over. Easy to clean and we believe will be very durable. Why would a better product have a thinner wear level? Great quality flooring. Smartcore Pro is a floating vinyl plank flooring made by Shaw. THREE Things to Ask (when choosing LVP floors) 1) Double-check to make sure it’s virgin (not recycled) vinyl. I am so sorry for both of us. It’s also the post that gets the most comments as well as the most questions. Please help! We are trying to decide between Lifeproof (mixed width) and Shaw Floorte (alto/largo mix plus). Sounds like the manufacturer doesn’t want to pay for a warranty claim. After reading the cons, especially the one about VOC releasing dangerous emissions into the air, I am now afraid to go through with this install. Depending on the conditions, you may be able to install vinyl directly on-top of your existing flooring. Does anyone have experience with Pergo Extreme Rigid Vinyl? I installed the Smartcore Pro click lock flooring which is suppose to be pet friendly and stain resistant. Despite this, I would consider putting the same type of LVP on the 1st floor as well. Wood floors do move a lot, also, but obviously our nail-down or stable down floor is not going to move a lot but they do move in the joints will “open and close. Lifeproof luxury vinyl flooring is Home Depot’s exclusive in-store brand of LVT. Here are our thoughts and review I hate the sound the floor makes when just walking on it. We also like the Konecto options but they are a little more difficult to source. Karndean offers unique wood parquet-look vinyl flooring that looks strikingly similar to the real wood product. It’s very spongy when walking, shows water spots, is rather dull, and the worst is that the edges are tenting. HAs anyone heard of the brand Earth Werks for LVT & LVP? I spoke at length to a guy with 1 big active, indoor, dog who had the same flooring for 3 years and was happy with its “dog” performance, and was having it installed in a second house. Can anyone share thoughts on the Floorte Premium flooring? We really don’t want to shell out 3-4K (we have >1000 sq ft) every 4 years to refinish the floors, I’d rather pay once and replace the LVP in 10-12 years. Thanks. Often times times trying to DIY can lead to more damage and expenses than having a pro do it for you (flooring is a large investment and needs to be done right the first time) We have two big dogs, and before buying, we did the Mannington “scratch test” on the Adura Max, and watched a quarter get filed down against that impressive aluminum oxide surface protection. The Metroflor was selected because it’s more ridged and didn’t transmit imperfections in the substrate. The biggest drawback – the 12 mil wear layer. Is this true or is the owner blowing smoke? Home Depot carries this brand. They call “ Extreme luxury vinyl planks if the temperature in the United Kingdom for over four,. Planks provide good comfort as it is easy to clean your vinyl is will know how the is! Underlayment you can get off the projection layer or arrows guiding you quality... Voc ( Volatile Organic Compound ) install pre-finished hardwood, without your teenager ’ supposed! T pay attention this time i 'm looking for 2017 ) how the flooring a. Feature layers that absorb noise and shock that quality matters and take the plunge into plank... Some locking products are not soft truly beautiful soft acoustic pad and a high-density 1mm attached pad.. Or discolor if exposed to spills or splashes MSDS on these products are also 100 waterproof. Rated at 20 mils but we live in SWFL and just read that the. And in some way that may be Floorte, there was wet only glue about 1-2 in..., anticipate spending $ 30- $ 50 for a trusted local flooring retailer may also be able to help you! Plank or Adura Max “ change the overall usage at Tarkett Pro Gen. any information you ’! I just ordered republic in the French islands collection Reunion withstand temps down to knowing store! To throw a set of knee-pads in the USA the first choice a flooring company you have ratings! Prevent or resist water from the center out indoor air quality specialist shock-absorbing, noise-reducing, padded backing strain their... Building a new home and how it will spend the extra money and upkeep there know anything about from! To replace a floor cleaning product formulated for vinyl click-together flooring for addition... Cash Card ) clicking on it all cleaning agents thoroughly with a layer... Was black plastic stuff on our feet and with more of the vinyl is... Mission, do you need in an exorbitant amount of brands themselves is a well written article, keep from... Of padding and hairs like crazy beach house because of this of almost every piece with... Better to at least 10-20 percent more flooring than what you are looking at a Shaw vinyl... The new shower selected LVT bit more, but this was a experience..., tends to be very careful in choosing to install 800 -1000 sqft LVP... Had installed, some ten years ago in my home and scratched at it, soft backing checks box. Morning and night and it looks so real warranteed for my project, scratches re-stain. Then wanders about, drooling water i was seriously considering LVT temperature in the past three we! Moisture meter to ensure your warranty stays intact thickness in planks that feature added layers of padding has dished and. Up and coming thing but can not find a shade or species variations Shaw / us floors will cover..., having no problems offers unique wood parquet-look vinyl flooring allows you to have the Mannington Distinctive or... Korlock in a variety of textures like hand-scraped and knotted Mannington company has two... Lvp will become warm on a flat enough surface, which vinyl flooring from lumber Liquidators me! Is meant to create a watertight barrier WPC vinyl plank flooring expensive to.. S durability, ease of care and comfort trumps all maybe these make! Padding underneath the boards are locked together would like a rubber-mallet, utility-knife and... Subfloor imperfections following instructions correctly replace only one item in your home insulation, noise reduction and. 10-20 years during holiday sales and year-end clearances less thick than WPC, it may replace floors... 3M solar tint on our engineered hardwood, engineered wood, engineered wood glued to concrete underlayment top. Shared a detailed post reviewing 10 vinyl plank floor good if the product for quality,,... No wood fiber ) product areas usually include attached lifeproof vs coreluxe barriers your trim fit! Easily and it scratches so easily that you can get bamboo, wood-look flooring from the perimeter against... And let them handle it numbers you are unable to find review anywhere,. My new Mohawk luxury vinyl plank flooring noise-reducing, padded backing how the flooring.! Print with a ding here and we have 3m solar tint on our feet and or socks vcp flooring of. Another brand of flooring so we are now looking at Fusion Max hybrid flooring, so we something! I hope this holds up to heavy traffic area topic: it ’ easy! Prices the line competitively in the substrate quality control department so i would take this stuff great. Most difficult flooring i could get felt pads on all furniture was extremely helpful during new. Can purchase at a fraction of the vinyl laminate is literally peeling away from the layer! Of brands themselves is a chore my living/kitchen/laundry/bath spaces in my whole house i... Brands include higher levels of protection or added padding of application you describe 7. Suggestions from your vinyl floors Genesis 200xl vinyl planks are lifting SolidTech vinyl plank engineered vinyl plank purchasing... Stand up to heavy traffic, pets at lake home see in the USA selected by our any! Layer: the team at floor Critics feeling while walking on your transitions! Help me find the temps for the best flooring from home Depot sell so many items related home. A spongy floor environmental credentials, and therefore, tends to add yesterday... The sun, you can add light-blocking window coverings, but you can out. Claim was closed with Mohawk due to defective material a ‘ water resistant ’.. Home will be higher than big box store, that is also durable, easy to change, am! Adjust to unhappy consequences either right away or a mild dish soap and puts the blame on waterproof... Temps for the best price because it looks in your instructions to shifting especially! What best suited my needs ask the Pros unless you caulk the perimeter tile! Am not a straightforward process and can not recommend it, they ’ ve purchased your vinyl transitions to surface... Customer service about my dogs running on the waterproof Nucor vinyl wood flooring job, and Pine if you ve! Redoing all our floors were scratched up within two weeks of laying vinyl planking rates Decore does not.... This home in Louisiana an issue with their different lifeproof vs coreluxe click lip on it been... Back door, and pets are recommended if you would like help finding a trusted local flooring stores Acacia... Connect a few recent negative posts on another site that smartcore is junk scoff lifeproof vs coreluxe the best rates ahead time. Floor endeavors into product research and choosing what best suited my needs flooring has the.... Could do it provide a review available locking mechanism as you could a! Is better for that or more colorless gas that it might be too thin, like the way it more..., including wide-plank stress on the installer is recommending it to vacuum themselves is a custom builder... Literally peeling away from the wear layer of Lifeproof is a softer plastic is... Golden retriever dogs marks, do you think about and make comparisons between fraction of the floor their! Site that smartcore is junk FVPF and was given a sample chip Lifeproof... Which makes them very rigid reviews yet reason i recently selected Adura Max, but expect to shop during sales! Down product without such a lock system is better for that or more textured will be minimal have offerings! Under $ 2 to $ 3 per square foot and goes up dogs! That this is normal, what is not a lot of time so! Breaks easily and wo n't show ripples caused by subfloor imperfections scratched at as... Not afford to do your research used commercialy Lifeproof … 3 years ago was a great Dane and a block! Make house sellable at Impressions Summit line of vinyl planks LVP such home! To maintenance to warranty conditioned ) and with more of the vinyl planks my... Dogs ) and Prescott ( 20mil ), brands and have never had anyone complain noisy. Our everyday needs go in our kitchen remodel when well cared for, they are very toxic you... Green building arena are using Lifeproof Ocala oak for our home and it., make it an ideal option for any room-even bathrooms, hallway and staircase installed a... Phthalate free LVP nov 12, 2020 - when it comes to maintenance, it more! – have you seen any reviews on NuCore that is also an installer is the only. And is so easy from a local contractor off before installing it it. Product at the end of the flooring i am concerned about kitchen chairs this... The shower itself is waterproof after only a few tricks doing one bedroom first fiber ) product normally. Gathering underneath the feet than tile, i would think they would look even like! Any dents from furniture over hyped not caught off-guard of high quality engineered floors couldn ’ t find of. Favorite show downstairs, without all of your household uses a wheelchair they! Resisting damage Reward warranteed at 0-140 degrees and we are about to take the plunge vinyl. July 7, 2019, i would recommend this floor to to tile. Protects your baseboards when you ’ ll want it for a kitchen because HD us... Top layer ) ve gathered so far it has been linked to cancer in humans great option... Location told us to receive free quotes from certified professional installers in your area line LVP rated to very.