Viruses and Virus Diseases of Vegetables in the Mediterranean Basin. /CA 1.0 Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page. striatiforme (Murr) Murr Chenopodium browneanum Roem. Chenopodium album is an erect, annual plant usually growing up to 150cm tall, though when growing in rich ground and in the longer daylengths in the temperate zone, it … lanceolatum (Muhl. ����!�8e�Ć������G�t�����NM��9���n���OZ��~�I�|�n��N�c^�*׭C��x�M[tO� nU�࢕K�@��$�_W;M_Ə�~4~�A��T����� ����/bʺ�?��핬�z0K��ٍuϯ����)�fs�ӵqSK�?��ǘX���6~t��Dzغ��1+YXa[��rrK�|`�cfZcB�#dk. Show more photos. /Producer (�� Q t 4 . It is a summer annual weed and attains a height upto 1 meter. Rational: Sources of information: Rutledge, C.R., and T. McLendon. Chenopodiaceae, J. P. M. Brenan. Download PDF Comment on factsheet. Common names include lamb's quarters, melde, goosefoot, manure weed, wild spinach and fat-hen, though the latter two are also applied to other species of the genus Chenopodium, for which reason it is often distinguished as white goosefoot. It is not frost tender. /SMask /None>> /BitsPerComponent 8 The branches are angular or ridged, ascending, and usually striped with purple, pink or yellow. lambsquarters. high, normally, much branched, but sometimes stems simple or subsimple especially in small plants; plant green or tinged red especially on stem (which is often red or pink striped), more or less clothed with grey-mealy hairs especially on young parts. This plant was used in folk medicine as antihelmintic, laxative, as a blood purifier, and it was also used for the treatment of hepatic disorders, intestinal ulcers, and burns [2]. stream Fat hen (Chenopodium album) grows in bushland, riparian vegetation, cleared areas and along roadsides in Victoria, and has been recorded from several conservation areas in this state (e.g. �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br� 1 2 . 1988. Chenopodium album L. (Amaranthaceae), commonly known as pigweed, is an annual herb growing widely in open habitats such as roadsides and riverbanks [1]. cymigerum Koch (synonym) Chenopodium album subsp. ex Willd.) Georgia: The consumption of young shoots is widespread in Georgia.It is customary to eat them boiled and prepared in a form of mkhal/phkhali (a vegetable spread made from various herbs) mainly in Tush-Pshav-Khevsureti and sometimes Shida Kartli, Mtiuleti-Gudamakari, Kakheti (Bakhtadze and Koghuashvili 2009; Javakhishvili 1986; Makalatia 1933; Makalatia 1985; Tsagareishvili 1999) often … /SA true Morwell National Park, Phillip Island Nature Park, Lysterfield Lake Park and Churchill National Park). missouriense (Aellen) Bassett & Crompton : Chenopodium album var. >> '!%". Chenopodium album is a ANNUAL growing to 0.9 m (3ft) by 0.2 m (0ft 8in). Search for child taxa of Chenopodium album agg. Chenopodium album L. (chenopodiaceae) is native of Western Asia. /Length 4287 Chenopodium, Uotila (1978) suggested that both C, suecicum and C. album are plants with narrow day-length amplitude, at least regards the induction of flowering [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] << X�?��@a��By��qM��iu8fK�h��A�1��g���I�(�>a�(?Ĥu�G�jG+,Oo�\��U_+��u�b���n��߯�Vd�#����4^J�$�I�[��j����Ί&�v�I$2`[�00z�\��N���+٢�;{x��l��w�q��r{���kQ%ͥ� lobatum Prodan (synonym) Chenopodium album f. paucidentatum Aellen (synonym) Chenopodium album … 4 0 obj 7) Chenopodium album L. var. … /CreationDate (D:20160315120559+10'00') The entire plant is covered with varying amounts of a waxy substance giving the plant a light green appearance. `H���� �=FFq�ޫ���ǹ�)�[h�'W= ��s���p��l���ޝ�Cʒ\8�!���~\g �c8>�J�{#�km��yG�j���s��� �kp�s*�@�� /���c�. /Type /ExtGState Chenopodium albumis a fast-growing annual herb. Chenopodium album L. (Fat Hen): In Vitro Cell Culture, and Production of Secondary Metabolites (Phytosterols and Ecdysteroids) January 1998 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-58833-4_7 This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. X=��Տ���~Y �LV�4�MxG���>���7X�U�HF�$JY,�U~x��W,YZ�Q�y4����_}_����?2��R?�4��м�����A6a�D��f����^}�'|��,�����'� hastatum (C. Chenopodium album, C. berlandieri, C. strictum, and C. ficifolium. Graebn. lots of Chevopodium album L. seeds, collected from the field in 1982 and 1983, were studied in relation to the availability of nitrate. Download as PDF. ��I�p�n:7v��VU��M(��"�����h�$��h���8d ́K�3�ɉ��J��ۢ���(��Z㸯ှ�"���*�����U$G{3"��HL��CY���#�(WMY���NuX�m��D0} ��U /SM 0.02 "%()+,+ /3/*2'*+*�� C >> Chenopodium album is a polymorphous erect herb which is 3.5m in height Chenopodium album leaves powder colour is green, odour pleasant and taste sweet (Fig.1&2). %PDF-1.4 Salomon et al. Some strains cause necrotic local lesions on Chenopodium album, Chenopodium murale, Chenopodium amaranticolor, and C. quinoa. 1996. %���� Chenopodium album var. Seeds may be washed into ditches and can be moved long distances despite lacking buoyancy. %PDF-1.5 The leaves are alternate and can be varied in appearance. endobj Habit Annual herb usually 10–150 cm. /Width 250 /ca 1.0 Chenopodium probstii Aellen Chenopodium probstii Aellen forma probstii Chenopodium striatiformeMurr Vascular – Exotic. /AIS false Chenopodium is a genus of numerous species of perennial or annual herbaceous flowering plants known as the goosefoots, which occur almost anywhere in the world. 6 0 obj Ethylene induced over 75%germination in the 1983 seed but had little effect on the 1982 seed. Click on an acronym to view each weed list, or click here for a composite list of Weeds of the U.S. KY: Haragan, P.D.. 1991. The genus Chenopodium comprises around 150 species, of which C. quinoa and C. album are important nutritionally.C. hastatum C. Klinggr. All of these species share similar vegetative morphology and high phenotypic plasticity, which makes it difficult to correctly identify these species. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� striatiforme Murr Chenopodium lanceolatum R. Br. iNaturalist NZ View observations Traditional Maori Uses Click here to view Te Papa View specimens Donate Support NZPCN. $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ?