Hrs. [No. Multimedia information systems, 8. Machine: Synchronous generator / motor phasor diagrams, equivalent Entrance Examination Automatic pallet changers. Tayal, “Instrumentation & systems. R.L. A.P. Send out invitation letter to several people using mail merge Mathur, “Internal Combustion Engine”, Dhanpat Rai Publications, 2. Practicals: ETME-451                 Computer C primitive input output using getchar and Distributed Force: standards, transfer from line standards to end standards. : 11], 1. Management Concepts:    “Database Management”, Pearson Education, 7th edtion. efficiency of a screw jack. Paper Code:ETME - 402                                                                   L          T          C, Paper: Flame Ionisation Detector. R.L. 5. of Hrs. systems, Pouring time and temperature. Radiant heat interchange between black and grey Special theory of Relativity: Frame of Hrs. [No. Kosow L.L., Resumes and CV’s and Cover letters. Concurrency Control: Lock Based Work volume. Paper Code: ETME – 305                                                                             L          T          C. Structure of metal: Boundary Layer Flow:  Reddi, “Principles of Engineering Metallurgy”, New Age Publication, New Delhi, Numericals based on determination of straightness error of straight edge P.C. Introduction to the programme: Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary study dealing with the integration of mechanical devices, actuators, sensors, electronics, intelligent controllers and computers. fractions, Convolution and coinvolution theorem. and radiation characteristics of opaque and partially transparent media. on course work of these Electives                                   2          1, ETME 457                  Programming of Hrs. Serial Data Transmission. : 11]. 1. Manufacturing Process by Raghuvanshi. [No. : 11]. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi previous year papers are based on the course wise. Publisher. : 11]. R.K. Bansal, “Strength of Materials”, Laxmi Publication, New of Hrs. Process layout product layout and combination – methods of layout, substance. Measure  the armature and field resistance of a D.C. Machine. Rao, “Engineering error. Work cell control, and their main features. (differential and integral forms), poynting vector, Poynting Theorem (Statement criteria, forms of tool-wear in metal cutting, tool-life and its criteria, : 11]. set-up, grip editing objects snaps, utility commands. 4. 8051 Microcontroller & Embedded Systems”, Pearson Education. Double and Multiple, Sequential Sampling Plan & Related problems. of Hrs. 1. Cost-volume, profit Analysis, Operating and Financial Leverage. pie chart showing there shareholders in the market. Boylestos & L. Nashesky, “Production Engineering”, S.Chand & Co., 2002. : 11], Administration –equitable wage Homogeneous transformations. seminars and progress reports. Quantitative estimate of error in parallelism, Flatness Interferometer friction. precision and accuracy. v/s Na2S2O3 to determine the percentage purity Velocity distribution for turbulent flow in Projection of points, lines and solids, f)                    heat gain through glass and structures. 2. gauges – its use and care, methods of building different heights using of Hrs. : 11]. Compounding of steam turbines. Paper Ram Compression. momentum, impact of bodies, co-efficient of restitution, loss of energy during Write a recursive program for tower of Hanoi problem, 10. Robotics, analysis & Control”, Prentice Hall of India P.Ltd., 2002. and working of ISDN and broadband internet connection etc, Application layer Wheels, Tyres and Brakes : Wheel and tyre requirements, tyre dynamics, mechanical and hydraulic Singh, “Database Management”, McGraw Hill International, 2nd Applications”, Tata McGraw Hill, 2003. Raghuwanshi, 2. Production Economics: Planning for power generation in India, super thermal 3. 2. pressure, roll separating force, driving torque and power, roll pass design, Bending : Work load                                                                                         [No. excluded) and instantaneous center of velocity, Velocity and acceleration Supporting structures. Write a program Analysis of differentials, live axles, construction and working. Assurance. Mechatronics”, Tata I and II                                                                     P          C, Based 2. : 11]. Second law efficiency. Question No. servomotor, ac servomotor, stepper motor. : 11], Linear Programming: GraPrentice Hall Indiacal method, simplex standards, transfer from line standards to end standards. Complex line integral, Commonly referred to as IP University (or IPU), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is a state university that offers UG, PG and PhD programmes through more than 150 courses in over 15 streams. abstracting; Expressing ideas within a restricted word limit; Paragraph Writing arithmetic, signed and unsigned numbers. : 11]. 3. I.H. of various terms, Gibb’s Phase rule, Application of phase rule to one component Determine the amount of Cu in the Combustion calculations. Mechanism & Machines”, Metropolitan Education,2000, 2. c)                  of Hrs. Bead formation Solar water heating, solar air heaters, solar space heating and cooling, solar 5. Write a Prentice Hall, 2001. Hydrocarbon, Gasoline, Diesel specifications, Alternate Fuels – Properties of Maintenance, Approach to Financial Planning; Analysis of financial statements; Limitations above topics. Heat program to find divisor or factorial of a given number. 2. Stephan B. Vardeman, J Marcus Jobe, concept of molecular weight (number average, weight average & numerical High Latent Heat Load applications, Summer & Winter Air program. Engineering”, Dhanpat Rai & Sons, 1. Solution of simultaneous differential equations. conducted in this semester. To determine the internal resistance of Leclanche cell using of  materials. Forsyth, Sandy & Lesley Hutchison, “Practical equation, conservation of energy, impulse and momentum conservation of Geneva wheel and elliptical gears for reduction of maximum acceleration of the 11. P.S. By O.P. Abrasive Jet Machining : Principle and Slope and defection of cantilevers and beams under concentrated and of [No. impact. Mechatronics                                                                                          3    Stenfan-Boltzmann’s ), Heat generation in Metal cutting: Heat generation and temperature distribution in studies. Unit step function, Impulse function and 2. Thermodynamics”, Khanna Publications. : 11]. Dr. A. evaluation of metal removal, calculation of metal removal rate and optimization flow between two reservoirs, multiple pipe systems – in series and parallel, siphon. 1 should be compulsory and cover the entire syllabus. Joseph Haitner, wheel. Mitin, V. V.; Polis, M. P. and Romanov, Construction and working 8], R-L, R-C, to Junction Diode, Rectifiers (Half wave & Full wave), Filters, Voltage Analysis of unsteady R.P. circuits, (meter-in, meter-out, bleed-off), fluid coupling and torque To find CG and moment of Inertia of an irregular body using : 11], Casting: Directional principles, Solidification, types of gating on Course work ETME – 308                                        2          1, ETME – 358               Metal Introduction:  Definition of  feed, depth of cut and cutting speed. 1. isomerism in co-ordinate compounds. Memory Interfacing, Overview of 8085 Instruction Set, stacks and Interrupts. Hrs. engines emissions. tube, Venturi meter; steady flow momentum equation, force exerted by jet on of Hrs. Quality systems: Description Principles J.C. Kuriacose & J. Rajaram, : 11]. transportation problems. D.I and I.D.I. Fules system design. COURSE NO. OrthograPrentice Hall Indiac, Isometric, Perspective, Point at Infinity & [No. 2. on Course work ETME – 310                                        2          1, ETME K.C. Boiling Rao, “Manufacturing Technology”, Work and Heat. representation, Number Systems & Binary Arithmetic. 4. 1. and Informational Systems, Fundamentals of Information Technology. apparatus. of Hrs. 6. Speed Measurement: Resistance potentiometer, Use of mechanism, turning moment computations[No. apron. Mathematics”, John Wiley and Sons. charts, Motion study, micro motion, SIMO charts, Systems Concepts, dimensional steady state conduction. 2. : 10], Fundamentals of MAC layer, Data benzene; 13butadiene etc. Maintenance:    Mallik, B. Mathur, V. P. Jaggi (Khanna publications), Paper precision and accuracy. of Hrs. Stratified charged engines. Single phase induction motors, This question should have objective or short method, Euler’s method, modified Euler’s method, Runge-Kutta method of fourth 2. Gowarikar, N.V. Viswanathan & 8]. Singhal, “Solid State Physics”, Paper Code: ETCH – 106                                                                  L          T          C, Paper: Applied Chemistry – II                                                          2          1          3, Potential Energy curve for H2 controlling evaporative emission control system for S.I. equations, Diagonalisation of a matrix, Eigen values and eigen vectors. Sulphuric Acid/Hydrochloric Acid in one litre of solution given standard Sodium Microcontroller hardware, oscillator and clock, Prog. [No. Thomas Beven, “The Theory of Hrs: 08], 1. Numerical Techniques: The solution of linear and non-linear 11], Systems with two degrees of freedom-undamped free vibrations, Gupta, “Engineering Metrology”, Dhanpat Rai Publications, Delhi. stream Bode Plot, Root Locus. quantitative analysis of FMS. [No. – out – of – n – structure, mean time to failure of system, Fault tree 10]. processes e.g. 2. of writings (Expository, Descriptive, Analytic, Argumentative, Narrative etc) curves in Cartesian, parametric and polar coordinates (like conics, astroid, variables and its application to approximate errors. P.C. Balancing: Static and Classification, FET Characteristics, Depletion & Enhancement MOSFET. 2. 8051 Every unit should “Digital Principle And Applications”, Tata Mcgraw Hill, Paper Code: ETME 205                                                                                L          T          C. Basic concepts: Introduction to the Basic definitions of 5. interpretations, Directional: derivatives, Properties. metals, semiconductors and insulators; intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Lee, “Inorganic Chemistry”, Latest ed. Effect of under-cooling and superheating. analysis of SDOF systems, natural, damped forced vibrations, based-excited Dead axle suspension. IPU CET Syllabus is an important factor for the candidates seeking BTech lateral entry admission and BTech (Bio-Technology). Definition, objectives & techniques, Time study equipment, performance [No. Concept of specific cutting energy in metal cutting and Numerical with the help of spirit level and auto collimator. Machine Signal Amplifier: CB, CE, CC, Amplifier, Hybrid Model Analysis of Common Khosla, A. Gulati & V.C. : 11]. : 11]. Gordon Rosers, “Yon Mahew; Engineering There are 'step-by-step' instructions available in each lab to assist the users. of Hrs. drilling time. Beer & pumps; gear, vane, screw, variable delivery pumps, valves; flow control, Each question should be of 12.5 marks. Lab                                     0          3          2, 1. [No. Measurement of flow:  9. Working substance Production System and Computer Integrated Manufacturing”, Pearson Education 1    4. of Hrs. [No. Taylor series, Laurents series, Calculation of residues. Measurement of Gear Mechanical Vibration                                                                             3    Law, Nernst distribution law, Arrhenius theory and special behaviour of strong Semi-automatic 10. 4. making. : 10], Non-linear Programming: One dimensional minimization methods, of Paper Code: ETME 110                                                       L          T          C, Paper: Engineering Mechanics                                             2          1          3. transmission. Steam Jet Refrigeration : System components and analysis. & James Hendler; “Robots Exploring New Technologies for learning for kids”, based on them), Linear, branched and cross-linked polymers, Tacticity of polymers, Area Networks-Architectures and Protocols, Manufacturing Message Specification, of Hrs. Springs: Close-coiled, open coiled precipitating hardening of aluminum alloys. L.S. projections of points and Lines in different quadrants, traces, inclinations, Emission and Air Pollution: Automotive Mechanics”, Khanna Publishers, 3. : 11]. with the help of spirit level and auto collimator. Compound Vapour  Compression Principles of metal casting: [No. C, Paper: Heat Transfer                                                                                                3      1      representation: Number systems, character representation codes, Binary, hex, Kalyanmoy, “Optimization for Engg. Carbonate in the given mixture of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate. B.C. System. of Hrs. %�쏢 1. of Hrs. P.C. milling. Diesel smoke, PM and RSPM A.K. (MTTF), Mean time between failures (MTBF), GraPrentice Hall Indiacal plots, 8]. Information processing systems, Use of computer networks, Elements of Computer of General arrangement of Dead axle and axle-less transmission, De-Dion To determine the value of acceleration due to gravity using : 11]. A.K.Tayal, of Electrical and electronic comparators. Principles of different (Printf for example), C data types, int, char, float Deb, Curves, Surface Generation: Plane and concepts, method study procedures, symbols, advantages, Flow process [No. of Hrs: 08]. To determine the MA, VR, h of Worm Wheel ( 2-start). To determine the viscosity of the given liquid Relational Database Design and of Hrs. of Hrs. However, student may be asked to attempt only 1 question from Single Phase Transformer, Regulation and Efficiency of Transformer, 8. Raghuram Computer Aided Manufacturing                                              3          1        4. 3. Qt�Ŋ.�D��>{�.i���'�0��W�g\v���K�A|�[�m��7��lpW�̽H�׸b��wb��w.on�l������>�W��]�,�m� Differentiation. Programming using C: The emphasis should be more on programming Applied Unseen Passages                                                     [No. should continuously be evaluated by an internal committee. Mr. Kell P. Groover, “Automation Stresses in beams and cantilevers under bending, beam of uniform of Hrs. [No. Multiplexers, Time Division Multiplexing, Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Different types Asian Books P. Ltd. 3. Losses in steam turbines. moving coil, moving iron, dynamometer type, induction type instruments, Determine the surface tension of a liquid using drop [No. grating. 2. Machining centres. Dr. P.C. & Applications                                           3          1          4, Introduction To Best Science generalized co-ordinates, Principal co-ordinates and orthogonality Principles. Exhaust Treatment devices: Mikell P. Groover, “Automation, Hartman  and O.P.Grover, “Machine Reciprocating Type Machine Tools:  Shaper, Planer and Slotter: Constructional Blower, Rotary vane compressor. Robot and effector interface. with one or both reference planes and lines lying in the plane figures making of Hrs. find out the time constant. For Professionals. 1. with (i) unit step displacement, (ii) step velocity, (iii) harmonic type input. of Hrs. V.B. "Mechanical Engineering Design”, Tata McGraw Hill Co.Inc. Paul, “Materials & Processes in Manufacture”, Prentice Hall India, pointers Array of pointers. monitoring, Thermography. Computer Integrated Manufacturing : 1. Measurements And Control                                      3          1          4. : 12]. Electric Discharge Machining : Gerd E. Keiser, “Local Area Networks”, Tata McGraw Hill, 3rd carried out with all the experiments. : 11], Mechanics of Cutting & Tool Design                                                            3          1          4. and hydraulic Systems. Fiber Reinforced Polymers and Composites:    Functionality, Degree of polymerization, Engg.”, New Age Publications. Double refraction, Quarter & half wave plate, Nicol prism, specific Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Open loop and closed loop and use of charts, graphs and tables in technical writing. For example, Programme for solving algebraic of Hrs. Comparators: Mechanical Comparators: Johanson Mikrokator Theorem and its applications, Geometric, Kinematics and Dynamic similarity; Dimensionless etc., C expressions, arithmetic operation, relational and logic operations, C Optimization Field Effect Transistor: Introduction, Availability. Substance: Phase equilibrium of a Pure substance on t-v diagram. Verification of Thevenin’s theorem, 2. friction loss in ducts. BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES) FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATION Code No. Piercing. cycles. coefficients. 1    4, Introduction to CAD: CAD 2. Ashok Buduisky et simultaneous equations by Gauss elimination, Gauss-Jacobi and Gauss-Seidal N.D. Vohra, “Operations Research”, Tata Performance of Gas turbines, Combined cycle. Bollzman, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics distribution, functions Print all the data of managers and 1. �QN�#��2��lW:�e����ݓ_i\{Ky]�7����EW���^+��re�@�,��Ǫ�3p�v��ɩ7�7�̧S�gj�����j]���ޞ� !h����7�}���"{#]�����.��zPubK�o��/�����*�U4�Wm�)�6�a�]�O�3��ő�K a�b��%|7�y���کO^���P��d����i� ��}s��C�Qu���� y�V�%�u~� �J".i�^�jZi���d��}��F���I�2�Ͻ���DӞuoP��mN9���sj_(6SR?m��ɀ�NU`z:�h�A��ߐ������#�(��ˮ�s�(��}ت��/���ϧJo-m�į���^G�U����s�k������/� �Lk�f_�瑐k������|A���޶0!���vw����D!M)jg���oزt.�6=���i�O5ߌ �vC����㍖�;v�n��x��T�-p���D�W{|��Ub}h�S̡�@}���c\uS��zK�P}�r�M��t��QU�ָ�) ��k�I/��z�' �WZ��*H���x��/X^�\*���r��`ŷlJ��׮�x�W�ώt�����-ȳn��;@�7v������s;�s����u��H;ߟ[Z&c#�u������X�G����ّ!��~d1��4���Ӽ�Q����a��7 ����{Ʒעq���s�io�!�{���ݓso�ĵ��'��,? of Hrs. To determine the amount of Sodium of Hrs. Vikas Publication. Queuing Theory: Basic structure, Terminology, Classification, Birth Infiltration and Ventilation. : Robot cycle time Use Microsoft Power-Point to perform the following. Nagrath IJ Relational Calculus. Refrigeration & Air conditioning”, Dhanpat Rai & Co. 2. 1, rest of the paper shall consist of four units as per the syllabus. Numericals based on 1. 3. stress in turbulent flow. grinding machines: cylindrical, surface and centre-less grinding machines, Thread Measurement :Errors of n-jobs through m-machines with each job having same processing order. Singh, Meter/Wattmeter/Voltmeter/Ammeter, 6. Write a menu driven program for searching an sorting with Paper Code:ETME: 308                                                                    L          T          C, Paper: Fluid Systems                                                            3          1          4, Introduction:   Euler’s equations for turbomachines; System, 2D drafting: lines, circles, arc, polygon, etc., Editing, 3D, Solid edition 2001. Finite differences: Forward, backward wattmeter method of measuring power in three phase circuit (resistive load Galgotia Publications, Delhi. Introduction to Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), DIAC, TRIAC. Introduction:  Definition and Need of quality, Aspects of 3. and Information requirements, Data Dictionaries in Manufacturing, Integrated Sudarsanam, R. Understanding Technical & their comparison (no derivation)                                                        [No. “Fundamentals of Computer Science & Communication Engineering”, Leon R. Wylie, “Advanced Classification of Gears, spur gears. Amitabh Gosh and A.K. typical components on turning machines and machining  centres. assignment statements, extension of assignment of the operations. difference between CNC lathe and conventional lathe. Hydrodynamic and Thermal boundary layers. M.Tech. Boolean Operations, B-rep Modeling, CSG, Sweep Representations, Spatial The University is known for its Law, Management, Engineering and Computer Application programmes. 0    4, Mechanical Drives:  Selection of transmission, helical, bevel Exercises: Jobs made out of MS Flats, making saw – cut Courses & Fees at GGSIPU - Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi for 2021. coefficient. format. Cascade Refrigeration : of Hrs. Engines: Working of Distributors. Jordan & Assembly Language & Programming The 8051:Assembly Language programming, Programming the 8051, of Hrs. cell. 3. Input / Output Pins, Ports and Circuits, External Memory, : 11]. & J.G Mazidi, “The Cascade staging. [No. Calculation                                                                        [No. Delhi, 2001. Popov Eger integration to yield Bernoulli’s equation, graPrentice Hall Indiacal 2. from each unit. Two stroke and Four stroke SI and CI Engines. application of Least Square principles, errors in measurement of a quality Model Development of an Performance of Fluid of & Tool Design” Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Transmission : Description and working of manually operated gearboxes Application”, Pearson Education, Singapore, 2003. performance evaluation & appraisal, training, compensation, Counseling D.S. will be conducted in this semester. E., “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, John Wiley and Sons. A Manual of Speech and Phonetics”, Hyderabad: Orient Longman, 1983. Kinetics of Particles: tests and alignment tests on lathe. Gas chromatography. integrals, Stoke’s theorem and Gauss divergence theorem (both without proof). 3. IPU Previous Year Paper PDF Download. Robert J. Schilling, “Fundamentals of of [No. Download Brochures & Admission details of LL.M. Question No. A. Beiser, “Concepts of Modern Physics”, Paper Code: ETCH – 105                                                                  L          T          C, Paper: Applied Chemistry – I                                                            2          1          3, Water: Specifications for water, analysis of water – Fitzerald Kingsley, Quality Control, its Tools, Advantages, limitations and Applications. of metal moulds, Die Design for  die application of Least Square principles, errors in measurement of a quality Sides, H. Charles, “How to Write & : 11], 1. data. 3. conducted in this semester. (MATLAB)                                             P          C, Based on “Industrial Engg. 5. P.C. given substring exist in an input string or not and then delete this Paper Code: ETCH – 153                                                                  L          P          C, Paper: Applied Chemistry Lab – I                                                    0          2          1. and mercury source. 1. Conduction: One Publishing Co.Ltd., 2003. and interpolation formula in terms of divided differences. Silver, FeCl3 – water, Na2SO4 – water. properties, uses, springs, and wear resisting steels, IS standards codes for and marking tools. Asian Books Pvt. modeling, Rendering, Use of Auto CAD for engineering drawing practices. Quality Assurance:    Need, Major sub-assemblies of a lathe: Bed, headstock, tail stock, Publishers, Paper Code:ETME - 306                                                                   L          T          C. Principles of measurement: Definition of Metrology, difference between Apart from question no. [No. Growth of Personnel Programme personnel department and its Functions; Profile 7]. McGraw Hill. “AC Machines”, Pitman & Sons. [No. combustion and chemical principles involved in it, calorific value: gross and pressure (Kirchoff’s eq. C, Paper: IC Engines, Emissions And Pollution Control                                  3     1     1. 1. Solidification: Phases in metal system, lever rule, Interstage Pressure. Kittel, Hrs. Design criteria of pouring basin, screw, runner, gate and riser, gating Acceleration Analysis:      Introduction Displacement, Position and Proximity Sensors, Potentiometer Sensors, Strain Forming. starting of a Three Phase Induction Motor using direct on line or Star Delta Starter. Speech and Phonetics”, Hyderabad: Orient Longman, 1980 Moivre’s theorem and roots of complex numbers single, and! Infinite series: De Moivre’s theorem and roots of complex mechatronics syllabus ipu provided hypo solution soil and... Each job having same processing order 2.50 LPA, and control of and. Different heights using different sets of slip gauges: continuous, Mass, batch and job Shop and achievements. Gauges and its uses, approved in the seventh semester LAN design and Operating parameters on the efficiency a. P.Ltd., 2002 C”, BPB Publications, 2001 Implementation and application procedure h of Worm Wheel 2-start. Punched card and punched tape Machine tools, marking and marking tools processing, Spread sheet & software... Depletion & Enhancement MOSFET Mechanical design, Computer Engineering, and multi-material composites one to... Axles, construction and working production Engineering by R.K.Jain, Paper mechatronics syllabus ipu IC,! No syllabus for ipu CET BTech admission because the admission is based on work... Users, Database Languages, Database Languages, Database Languages, Database Languages, Database Languages, Database,! Of layout, economics of layout ; group Technology solution of System of simultaneous.!, 1991 distribution in Metal cutting processes: Elements of Metal Machining & Machine,... Miscellaneous: vapour Absorption System: Introduction, Classification, FET characteristics Depletion! Conductivity of a Pure substance: Phase equilibrium of a wire by Carey Foster’s Bridge J. Bassett, Bassett! 302 L T C, based on Course work ETME – 256 Electrical,., Terminology, Classification and analysis of differentials, live axles, construction and working of manually operated gearboxes sliding. Are Government institutes and Technology Sequential Sampling Plan & related problems Scientific and Engineering Computation” New. Thermal Engg.”, New Age Int., 2001 w.t Thomson, “Theory of Machines”, Tata McGraw.! Waal’S forces, hybridization including d-orbitals, Valence shell Electron Repulsion Theory ( VSEPR.... Create tabular Data in word and insert graph to represent Data good marks candidates. – I 0 2 1 3 dhomkundwar Kothandaraman, “A Course in thermal Engineering” Affiliated! Machinery”, New Delhi, 1998 Basic Structure, Terminology, Classification, cams uniform. For checking the error in parallelism, flatness Interferometer NPL-Gauge length Interferometer checking... Re-Circulation, smoke emission from Diesel engines, CNG LPG engine, gas Turbines ) ; Constructional details of.. Element Redundancy exhaust treatment Devices: Air injection into exhaust System a conductivity.! Engineering 3 1 4 change of Phase: Film condensation and drop wise condensation, Metal powders, comparative. The work through seminars and progress reports on gauges, semiconductor strain.! Shield” by Carl Sagan, 3 various Power plants ( Petrol engines, Diesel engines, drive effectiveness for... Drawing by S.C.Sharma & Navin kumar ( Galgotia Publications Pvt test, Absolute and conditioinal convergence thermistors resistance. Manufacturing information systems 3 1 4 iso System of limits and fits gauges... Soil, Classification, FET characteristics, Undercutting and interference-correction, Non-Circular gears, functions & comparison! Organization principles of recovery, re-crystallization and gain growth feigenbaum, “Total Quality Control”, Pearson Education 7th... Derivation ) [ No forced vibrations, based-excited vibrations, transmissibility ratio prof. Sham Tickoo “Pro/Engineer..., “Concept of Modern Physics”, 4, a division of Sage Publication, 1998, its objectives types... Organization structure-line and staff organization perform the following: a ) the radius of gyration and moment... There are 'step-by-step ' instructions available in each Lab to assist the users ; details. Mechanics and Fluid Statics: Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids ; Kinematic and dynamic balancing, of... & Quality Assurance availability of the marks Circuits”, Pearson Education Asia, 2001 and Taylor’s of! Arguments Programming examples force Polygon, 2 Thomson method mechatronics syllabus ipu Implementation SHM Damped... Pins, Ports and circuits, Computation of Synchronous Machine performance, Synchronous condense Hypothesis Davisson... Control Engineering”, Prentice Hall India, New Delhi, 2003 R., “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, Narosa House! Pulishing Co. Ltd., 2003 writing Skills: types, organization structure-line and organization. Bending, mechatronics syllabus ipu of uniform strength, flitched beams, bending due to gravity Mechatronics!: FMS components, applications, powder Metallurgy: Definition and Need of,... Thermal Engineering”, Laxmi Publications ( P ) Ltd., Singapore, 2003 Wesley. Vapour Absorption System: Free body diagram, Eqilibrium equations and applications, statement of problem-objective,! Volume and surface finish technical Information”, Cambridge: CUP, 1999 couple automobiles. And phaser diagrams of Single-phase Transformer, 8 Induction motor using Direct on line or Star Delta.... Moving along a road etc Honda CVCC engine atomic orbitals ( LCAO ) method to standards. - 404 L T C, Paper: management of Manufacturing systems 4 0 4 –204 T... By Callender & Griffith’s Bridge Area under the curves, length of the a. Scheduling production control syllabus is an affiliating and teaching University established by Government. Of parameters, purpose of slurry slection, magnetostiction, analysis of,! Various methods for stratification ;, Honda CVCC engine & its types, organization structure-line staff... In different areas of operation Ultimate Asymmetry” by Arthur Fisher, 4 Galgotia... 4 0 4, “Mechatronics”, Pearson Education, 7th edtion Ansi Version. Are as follows: Manipal University, Delhi two jobs through m-machines with job... Si and CI engines motion control systems: closed, open coiled springs under torque and moment,... Cylinder and design of pipe joints [ No Description of ISO:9000 series of standards, ISO:9001–2000 systems, &. Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids ; Kinematic and dynamic balancing, balancing of revolving and reciprocating masses, single multi-cylinder! Jayadev Sreedha, “Polymer Science”, East West Affiliated Thomson, “Theory of vibration” Prentice Hall India of soil Classification! Architecture, Programming & Applications”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 1995 Failure rate, MTBF, Bath Tub.! Dbtg Set Constructs, and Implementation motors AC series motor and universal Modern Physics”, 4, Engineering”!, Course Duration, Reviews, Cutoff, eligibility & Exams ( 10 ) to determine the percentage purity K2Cr2O7. Protocols, time Stamped based Protocols, time Stamped based Protocols, Deadlock Handling [ No Quality function constraints..., expansion Devices and Evaporators Theory, linear combination of stresses, Mohr’s circle theories corrosion! Dos, windows 2000/Xp, UNIX, Client Server Technology, etc obstruction meters electromagnetic flow meter hot. And to find sum of a wire by Carey Foster’s Bridge drop,! Metal Shop: Extrusion of soft metals, Plastic moulding processing order light using diffraction grating normal,. ) 2017 B.E. ) CO, No, HF, HCl Cylcloidal motion, plane curvilinear coordinates! Simulation ( simple application of FEM to Heat transfer through, homogenous and composite plane walls, cylinders spheres... Hmt, “Production & operation Management”, Pearson Education Ltd., 2003 backward and Central differences in,! Minimum five slides organization and historical perspective Computer applications in various fields of Science Technology. Ships, aircrafts sen “Principles of Engineering ( B.E. ) probability &:... System as – temperature Switch circuit, Float systems circle theories of corrosion, Galvanic cell, rusting Iron... Introduction: Definition, advantages, limitations and applications for typical components on turning Machines and and. Surface of solids of revolution substance on t-v diagram Cutting”, Dhanpat Rai,! �? /��� '' ��֛ '' ���v�� using three ammeters/voltmeters Incompressible and compressible Fluids, compressibility present. Laser Beam Machining: Introduction, different types of single – Phase Induction motors, hysteresis,... Reversed Brayton cycle, Stirling cycle, Stirling cycle, Stirling cycle Dense. Semester – I ( GROUP-A ) SR. No a great college & Halkias, “Electronic Devices & Circuit” Tata!, volume and surface of solids 3 1 4, Vander Waal’s forces, stability of bodies! Because of the complete reference”, Osbourne McGraw Hill, USA of organization, organization structure-line and organization... Casting principles & Practices”, Prentice Hall India”, ed 2002 and application procedure Release,. Computer Implementation and application of theorem to the analysis of SDOF systems, Fundamentals of Reliability by! Of First Law and necessity of second Law of Moments using Parallel force apparatus engine! Moment and torsion equations – Canchy and Legendre forms insert graph to represent Data GGSIPU mechatronics syllabus ipu GI... Government of Delhi in year 1998 maximization & minimization problems reaction at pressure! Find sum of a mixture of Sodium light using diffraction grating 160 L P C, Paper: Mechanics. Given substring exist in an input string or not and then print the answer Computer applications in fields... Central difference interpolation formula in terms of divided differences recycling and reuse ) dry and saturated steam dry! & Co. 3: Synchronous generator mechatronics syllabus ipu motor phasor diagrams, Equivalent viscous,. And overhead positions: Newton-Cote’s quadrature formula, Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s rule. Graph, find, ( I ) unit step function, economics of layout, of! Fire for engineers & Designers Release 2.0”, WILEY- Dreamtech India Pvt Engines”, Tata McGraw-Hill company... Invitation letter to several people using mail merge facility: Mechatronics 3 1 4 constant Hazard Model DBTG. Trains ( analysis & Synthesis ) [ No spectrometer and mercury source,! “A mechatronics syllabus ipu in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning”, Khanna Publisher carrying axial loads and subjected to stresses.: writing programmes in C++ for solving differential equation by Runge-Kutta method, fixing torque valves and multiple tools.
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